Pay Per Click Advertising

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PPC stands for Pay Per Click Advertising also known as paid ads placement. In terms of paid advertising, you’re in complete control of your ads, where, when to and what to display your ads to your targeted audiences. It is cost-effective and quickest way to get potential customers for your business. Unlike organic SEO, paid advertising will give you the quick boost to the search engine on your given terms. Would you like some quick ranking? Contact us now!

At “Pomatia”, our experts know exactly how to utilize your budget to get the most out of it. According to a survey, over 65% of the online users click on ads they are interested in. Why would you miss this opportunity to grow your business?

There are four types of ads:

  • Text Ads - As the title says, these ads only support texts and no visuals. You may add a “Call-to-action” button with this type of ads and it’s pretty effective. You may find these ads above and below the organic search results.

  • Display Ads - You may add visual like images, videos and other media types. Unlike text ads, display ads can only be shown to the display networks.

  • Shopping Ads - The placement of the shopping ads in above the Google search results with relevant keywords. Shopping ads often have the maximum CTR(%) compared to other ads. marketing objectives.

  • Remarketing Ads - Remarketing ads is more like a follow up ads. Once you visit a website, remarketing ads will follow you across the web. This often converted to sales.

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